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The Scannix + is an industrial X-Ray film digitizer specifically designed to offer the highest quality of images for the NDT market. Not an additional operation but a true improvement. In the radiographic industry, Films storage and post processing have always been neglected. Both these aspects are however very important matters to take into account in the overall costs and efficiency of the Radiographic process. A computerized storage of the radiographies will also dramatically reduce the risk of loosing the archives of a job. The scannix + is driven by our Acquisition software and is delivered with the scanner as a standard. As a digital image, a radiography can also be processed with our Image Processing Software IPS012 allowing details that were hidden to appear, thanks to different filters and the contrast settings but also a lot of different tools and add-on like SRb, SNR, etc. Acquisition can also be linked to IPS012 allowing an automatic transfer of the image to start...

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Product features

Bit depth Bit 8, 12 and 16 bit grayscale output
MTBF Hours > 50,000
Film sizes Width 2,36’’ to 14’’
Film sizes Length 8’’ to 51’’
Auto film feeder Standard 25 fi lm capacity (mixed size batches, no presorting necessary)
Translation table Linear OD
Geometric accuracy Better than 1% or 2 pixels (whichever is greater, in both axes)
Scan rate 92 lines / second
Hardware interface USB 2.0
Software Acquisition (included) from the Inspection Suite
Operating temperature °C 10 to 35 (20 to 85% relative humidity, non-condensing)
Light source LED illuminator
Detector Next generation Solid-State High-Definition CCD
Dimensions cm 48 x 58 x 83 (without feeder and exit tray)
Mains V 80 ~ 260
Weight Kg 21

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