Scented candle comes in golden canister. Perfumed soy wax come with herbal fragrances or artificial fragrances. Low MOQ and quick delivery are available. Sometimes our candles are delivered within 72 hours. These high quality golden containers made by quality brass. Brand logo engraving or private label option are also available. The golden brass containers come in many designs and all the designs are created according European Standards. Free shipping is offered to high quantity orders. Safe candles. Candle making supplies. Candle tins. Custom candle containers. Candle wicks. Copper candle container. Brass candle jar. Rose gold candle container. Glass container. Candle Tin. High quality candle container designs. High end candle jars wholesale. Tumbler for candles. Brass candle container. Golden brass candle tumblers wholesale. Frosted candle jars with lids wholesale. Business to business candles. B2B candles.

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