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Scrap Metal Recycling, Scrap Metal Dealers -


If you have scrap metal to sell and recycle & are looking for the top scrap prices locally in Kent, look no further than Reclamet. We offer the best price for your scrap, along with a professional and friendly service and scrap collection is available to the local area. Metals are valuable materials that can be recycled again and again without degrading their properties. Scrap metal has value, which motivates people to collect it for sale to recycling operations. In addition to a financial incentive, there is also an environmental imperative in recycling scrap metals. We can help your business recycle your scrap metals, we offer a collection service for commercial and industrial customers. Reclamet is a fully licensed waste carrier and authorised treatment facility (ATF) based in Birchington, Thanet, Kent. Guaranteed top prices paid, instant payment made via Bank or BREAD card. Call today on: 01843 823554 / 01843 823224 or email: