Due to the high cost of scrap metal and burdening materials, LLC Recreation Center BONUSTREYD, for decrease in prime cost of products, offers deliveries to the address of your enterprise of siliceous burdening material with the following chemical composition: Fe Ti Si Al With P S Cu Cr 85,0-88,0 0,5-0,8 10,0-12,0 0,5-1,0 2,0 0,2 0,03 0,03 0,3-0,35 The siliceous material received in the electrothermal way is intended for use as furnace charge in metallurgical production, it is not ferroalloy, in "consumption rates" this material is not registered. As a result of the carried-out tests it is established that when replacing in FeSi 45 and 65 furnace charge with our burdening material, the content of silicon in liquid cast iron coincides with settlement, deficiencies of molding are not recorded. High content of carbon and silicon in it is ideally suited for iron production. It allows to draw a conclusion on technical capability and economic feasibility of use of this material. The...

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