Scraper Systems


Colloide provides circular and rectangular scraping systems (plastic and steel) for settlement and flotation tanks. These tanks are generally rectangular or circular, designed to separate solids from the liquid by either settlement or flotation. Circular Tanks We offer two alternatives for circular tanks: -A rotating bridge structure powered by a peripheral drive unit. The bridge supports a frame below it onto which is fixed sludge scraping blades at floor level and a scum blade at top water level. -A fixed bridge mounted on the walls of the tank. A central drive unit rotates the scraping mechanism around the tank, the sludge scraping blades diverting the sludge to a hopper. Rectangular Tanks A chain and flight principle is used for rectangular tanks, consisting of two main chains which move the scraping booms up and down the tanks. When scraping at top water level, the booms push the floated material to one end of the tank, where it is collected by a rotating sludge pipe.

Water extraction - systems and equipment
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