Scratch Resistant Glass Coatings

Technical Ceramic Coatings


We make a range of premium scratch resistant glass for scanner windows and other applications. Barcode scanner glass operates within an extreme environment and must withstand considerable physical wear throughout its lifetime. In the past, uncoated barcode scanner glass has been susceptible to scratching which in turn results in poor read accuracy and rate. Thanks to the high performance properties of the diamond-like coatings we use, our scratch resistant glass is hard wearing and long lasting. Our coating process produces a superior low friction surface that is hard and chemically resistant. It has been shown to significantly increase the lifetime of barcode scanning equipment, making it a more cost effective choice than uncoated glass. It also reduces point of sale costs because fewer rescans are required. We produce three barcode scanner glass products: EVERSCAN, Scanshield-C and Scanshield-UV. EVERSCAN® EVERSCAN ® is our most scratch resistant coated glass. It has been...

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