Screening / fractionation Centrifugal Screening


Centrifugal Screening Vibration/rotation screening plants – the solution for fatty, oily and light products The vibration/rotation screening machine enables the screening of products that are difficult to screen and that would smear up screen inserts. This relates in particular to fat-containing and oiled products and products with very light bulk weights. For this purpose, an eddy current is generated by a wing rotating in screening half shells. Through targeted vibration overlays of the the outer screen fabric a seal of the fabric is prevented, thus ensuring a high-quality screening even for procedurally sensitive products. Technical data Screening area 0.5 or 0.9 m² Mesh width: 75-10,000 µm Product-contacting parts: Rustproof materials Cleanability: Completely cleanable Number of fractions: 2 Product feeding: Extractable dosing screw Throughput: Depends on mesh size and the product Number of plants: 2 Areas of application Grinding of soft products without temperature increase Screening of fatty products Screening of oiled products Production of homogeneous grain structures Protective screening and dissolution of agglomerates Fractionation of energy-sensitive products Prospect for download

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