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Screening generator SG47

The benefit to you is efficient screening


The SG47 screening generator is part of the SONOSCREEN®plus range. It is set apart by flexible settings and high performance. The SG47 is suitable for diverse applications. With optimised presets, it is possible to achieve productivity gains amounting to tens of percent. The SG47 automatically looks for the optimum resonance points. The system is gentle on the material, does not have to be cleaned nearly as often and is extremely energy-efficient. Existing screening systems can be upgraded to the SONOSCREEN®plus without great expense. Users can set the best configuration for their own particular needs using the Telso®Flex Screening operating software. In this way, it is possible to find the ideal setting for efficient screening results every time. Screening equipment manufacturers use the SG47 for the following types of machine: Tumbler screening machines Vibration screening machines

Metal powders

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