A thread pitch gauge, also known as a screw pitch gauge or pitch gauge, is used to measure the pitch or lead of a screw thread. • ITEM CODE NO. ABM-EPT-9445 • American National 60° threads, 51 leaves 4-84 TPI (teeth per inch) • ABM screw pitch gages are among the most useful tools in any mechanics toolbox. • They quickly determine the pitch of various threads. • These gages consist of a substantial steel case with a number of folding leaves at both ends, each leaf having teeth corresponding to a definite pitch, marked on each leaf. • ABM screw pitch gages are available in a wide range of sizes with different numbers of leaves in various pitch ranges with which to gage. • English and metric threads are similar in form, but English threads are described in threads per inch and metric threads by the distance from one crest to the next. • Leaves on all gages have a special narrow design, permitting

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