The Flowform® screw is a polygonal screw based on TAPTITE 2000®, which makes use of the technology known as "flowhole-forming" in manufacturing processes. Using this technology the Flowform® screw causes the sheet metal to heat, using a combination of axial force and relatively high screwdriver speed . Once the material has been penetrated the polygonal shape of the screw forms a calibrated metric female thread which can accept a metric screw in the event that a repair is required. After the torque-controlled assembly process the formed through-hole adjusts optimally to the contours of the screw. This gives the following advantages: Higher process reliability in the screw fastening with the option of a larger screwdriver shut-off window More flexibility when selecting the screwdriver, and more straightforward monitoring of the assembly process. In addition the Flowform® screw considerably reduces screw-in times.

Mechanical transmission - components
  • sheet metal
  • Screws
  • flow flowhole-forming screws

Product features

Feature (1) Over-sized thread diameter
Feature (2) Thread-forming area
Feature (3) Slim tip shape

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