Screw spindle pump - FFS

Screw spindle pump, Inline Style - FFS


Screw spindle pumps with their silicon carbide spindle housing and highly wear resistant spindles are capable of achieving extremely high pressures.Brinkmann high pressure screw pumps are designed for pumping filtered and lubricating fluids such as coolant oils andwatersoluble coolants. High pressure screw pumps are NOT designed for dry-running. Screw spindle pumps are positive displacement pumps which always require the installation of a pressure relief valve in order to prevent bursting. Volumetric delivery: up to 878 l/min Delivery pressure: up to 200 bar

Cooling and lubrication pumps

Product features

Media for coolant,emulsions, oils,for lubricants
Operation electric
Priming under load
Type 3-screw
Domain industrial,for machine tools,for the metallurgical industry
Other characteristics horizontal mount,high-efficiency,high-flow,high-pressure,discharge,for emulsions,cutting fluid

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