Screw-in heater

Screw-in heaters with G1 1/2" thread


Screw-in heaters are versatile and intended for heating liquid media in industrial and commercial applications. When selecting, the specific surface load permitted for the respective medium must be observed and checked by the customer. Screw-in heater G1 1/2″ with soldered tubular heaters are mainly used to heat water and aqueous solutions. 3 tubular heating elements ø 8,5mm made of stainless steel 1.4404 brazed in G1 1/2″ thread SW60. Connection to 230/400 V3 (N), unheated zone 60mm, rotatable stainless steel terminal box. Typically used in washing machines, dishwashers, tempering equipment, laboratory equipment, etc. Type EHK G112-A with built-in thermostat 0-95°C Type EHK G112-AB with built-in thermostat/limiter 30-80°C / 100°C Type EHK G112-U without integrated control unit

Heating, industrial - installations and equipment
  • Screw-in type heating elements
  • industrial heating
  • electric heating elements

Product features

Power 1500W - 12.000 W
Voltage 230/400V 3N
Immersion depth 180mm - 910mm

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