By using REMFORM® screws to join synthetic materials, the cost of the inserts and the associated work step can be omitted in the injection process. The screw simply screws into an existing core hole, forming its own thread as it goes in. The asymmetric thread geometry of the REMFORM® screw ensures that the synthetic material flows towards the load flank as the thread is formed. Thus: low turning torques high vibration resistance low cracking risk high assembly reliability Additionally: The radial force offset to the radius enables a much higher tightening torque simultaneous with a smaller tube geometry. Result: much higher clamping force. Your commercial benefits: The overall cost of fastenings is reduced by up to 72%.

Mechanical transmission - components
  • joining plastics
  • screw
  • Fastener

Product features

Feature (1) low turning torques
Feature (2) high vibration resistance
Feature (3) low cracking risk
Feature (4) high assembly reliability

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Direct screw fastening into synthetic materials – how does it work?

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