secutex Impact Protection for screwing This is our top seller – secutex buffer pad with a perforated plate. Easy and flexible to use and can be fixed reliably with the perforated plate as reinforcement. In this way, you will have a universal impact protection in a short time. Size and quantity of the drill holes depend on the substructure and must be specified on site. Selection of the screws We recommend screw sizes up to a maximum of 6mm, any larger dimension does not provide additional strength in combination with the castin perforated plate. As screws we recommend hexagon socket screws with low head according to DIN 7984 or DIN 6912. Not recommended Countersunk screws; inefficient transfer of the force into the impact protection, Bolts with hexagon head; the nut grips the bolt on the outside, the borehole must be much larger for this. Normal screws with hexagon socket; the screw head is significantly higher, the impact protection must be thicker

Sheet metal and strips, tinplate
  • Secutex Screwing
  • Socket Secutex
  • Secutex Perforated

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