Sea containers are true all-use containers that serve as a basis for many other container types, including special containers and container conversions. Im Containerhandel der At MT Container GmbH in Hamburg you will find sea containers for purchase in different variations. LEARN MORE Why Sea Containers Stand Out Only a few decades ago, transcontainers paved the way for shipments via ship into a new era. These units are transport with efficiency because they come with standardized dimensions that can be stacked perfectly. Furthermore, freight transport on land has long been established due to sea ​​containers. These units are enormously robust due to their offshore deployment. Their processing must also withstand the harsh weather conditions on rough seas without the cargo being damaged. The corrugated sheet metal of the container walls guarantees a high stability. The Corten steel is anti-corrosive and therefore does not rust just like the galvanized door locks. Standard sea...


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