Due to its closed rivet body the CERTO sealed blind rivets are experts for liquid tight processing. The rivets characteristic guarentees a captive remaining mandrel and a smooth, burr-free closing head, which is perfect for automated handling. The properties mentioned are the reasons why CERTO sealed blind rivets are the fastening element of choice for the automotive industry, like, e.g. for the purposes of AIRBAG production. Further fields of application can be found in tank and container manufacturing as well as in the construction sector.

  • sealed blind rivet
  • closed end blind rivet

Product features

Combination of materials Aluminium / Steel
Combination of materials Aluminium / Stainless Steel A2
Combination of materials Aluminium / Aluminium
Combination of materials Steel / Steel
Combination of materials Stainless Steel A2 / Stainless Steel A2
Combination of materials Copper / Steel
Combination of materials Copper / Stainless Steel A2
Form of setting head Dome head
Form of setting head Countersunk head

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