Our special types of sealing brushes consist of 16 particular plastic profiles which we can supply in a comprehensive range of variations. The two constructions of sealing brushes are: Strip brush construction: that means our strip brushes with metal backing are mounted in plastic profiles. Punched brush construction: consisting of a solid plastic profile with bundle holes in which the fill material has been mechanically anchored. Depending on the fill material you can choose a fill density of high EA1, medium EA2 or low EA3. You can choose:- all fill types, e.g. natural bristles and hair, plant fibres, wires and synthetic filaments. - different trim heights (BH) (free bristle length) We can also supply all sealing brush types with fixing holes in the holding flanges, e.g. 22 available sizes of round holes and 13 sizes of elongated holes. Standard lengths are usually 1000 mm or 2000 mm. On request lengths of up to 5000 mm can be supplied, depending on the type of profile. Of...

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