Sealing Gaskets
Sealing elements and support rings made of PTFE and PTFE compounds  - HEUTE + COMP. GMBH + CO

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Using the materials mentioned, HEUTE+COMP. manufactures sealing elements and O-ring supports according to your specifications. PTFE support rings prevent high pressures from extruding O-rings into sealing gaps and damaging the rings as a result. Due to its cold flow characteristics and high degree of abrasion, pure PTFE is only conditionally suitable for sealing. Accordingly, a wide range of PTFE compounds have been developed to account for all involved parameters. Temperature Media influence Pressures Sealing gaps Assembly conditions Additionally for dynamic applications: Material and surface of the sliding counterpart Speed The technique used to process a material also influences its properties. For instance, a material filled with glass can be made gas-tight through special heat treatment. For this reason, our team offers consultancy early on during the development phase in order to select appropriate materials for your application.

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