Sealing Tape Fs, As



The material is used for repair and sealing joints seams and junctures of different roof and waterproofing cloths, pipelinesair tubes, gutter systems; • Waterproofing, heat proofing and repairing of pipelines, air tubes, door units and window frames; • Vibration and sound insulation of vehicles. High adhesive rate to all kinds of bases (metal, concrete, wooden, polymer) Multipurpose selfadhesive sealing tape Rizolin FS, AS is made of reinforced, tearresistant fiberglass cloth impregnated with bitumen and polymeric composition. • FS type sealing tape is made with an aluminium foil protective layer, • AS type sealing tape is selfadhesive from both sides. • The material is waterproof, resistant to mechanical influences, rapid changes of temperature, ultraviolet influence and corrosion. Can be applied in all climatic zones (according to SNiP 230199)

Films and sheets, plastic
  • Sealing Tape
  • Waterproofing Cloths
  • Adhesive Sealing

Product features

Width /length roll, m. 0,1/10; 0,2/10; 0,3/10; 0,5/10
Roll weight, kg 2,5/5,0/7,5/12,5

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