Seals, Vellure® door seal draft excluder for doors

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Seals, Vellure® door seal draft excluder for doors - NEW premium door seal self-adhesive (energy saving door draft excluder ideal as sound insulation, cold protection (white) seals, IDEAL PROTECTION FROM DRAFTS - Our door seals are perfect as draft excluders. The door draft excluder / door strip from Vellure is self-adhesive. The problem with drafts is now history forever. SAVE ENERGY - Our draft excluders and door seals are perfect as cold stoppers and effectively eliminate thermal bridges, so you save money. The draft excluder for doors is also ideal as sound insulation! IN UNDER 1 . MINUTE ATTACHED - Simply clean the surface of the door, peel off the adhesive strip and stick the door seal on the bottom. Simply cut off the protruding door seal if necessary. Quick & easy! PERFECT FOR ANY SURFACE - Our special adhesive is suitable for any surface. The advantages are the bombproof hold & easy to remove again as needed. In addition, the draft stopper for doors is very gentle

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