Sectional Doors



Sectional Doors are designed for multi-purpose ceiling opening for industrial buildings. It is made of steel material. It is an ideal system with motor and manual use for all industrial structures such as factories and warehouses. Panels of 615 or 495 mm form the door. They are connected to each other with panel colored electrostatic painted steel, aluminum or stainless steel hinges. Panels with a thickness of 42 mm and a thermal coefficient of 0.78 W/m2K are composed of two steel, aluminum or stainless steel plates filled with polyurethane foam with a density of 40 kg/m3. Sectional doors There are strong steel plates inside the panel that increase the wind resistance. Thanks to EPDM gaskets, high insulation is provided on the sides, bottom and top, against rain and wind. The doors, which are balanced with the spring system, can be easily opened and closed manually without the need for a motor. The doors have a security system against spring breakage and rope throwing.

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