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Sections - Clamping elements


EZM Profiline – This EZM brand name stands for cold-drawn standard sec-tions and special sections to customer drawings in virtually all steel materials. Optimum heat-treatment, pickling and coating facilities are available for every material group. As a result of the continuous improvement of our in-house tool production operations, EZM can manufacture sections whose geometry and shape are as near as possible to the net shape, maintaining the tightest tolerances and producing flawless surfaces. Our cold-drawn sections are successfully used when metal cutting is uneconomical due to the great effort and material losses involved, or when the section is to be given specific properties that can only be achieved by targeted cold-forming. In our plant EZM Profil Bearbeitung, based in Rohr/Thüringen, sections are manufactured by machining up to 6,200 mm length and a maximum crossing-section of 125 mm, which are needed for for example for linear guides in the machine and plant...