Secure active radio repeater for long range remote control The Jump radio repeater is used to relay a recognized radio signal. It thus allows to increase the radio coverage area relative to the needs of the application. This device for long range remote control is designed for unidirectional transmission solutions from JAY Electronique and can be used for the following series: UC, UD, UR, and RS. Safety level SIL 3 per EN 61508-1-7, PL e per EN 13849-1 with RS Series Safety level SIL 2 per EN 61508-1-7, PL d per EN 13849-1 with UC, UD and UR Series Housing IP65 Adjustable radio power level Choice of the radio transmission channel and the radio receiving channel 64 frequencies in 433-434MHz 2 models available for long range remote control : - Power supply with internal plug-in battery - Fixed 12-24VDC external power supply

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