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Self Adhesive XPE Foam - Foam Insulation


This insulation material is aluminum foil / XPE foam / aluminum foil structure. The aluminum foil plays a role in reflecting the radiant heat of sunlight, with a reflectivity of 96-97%. XPE foam has the function of trapping air to stop convective heat. The most important thing is that XPE foam can be made into a refractory material, so the product has excellent fire performance and will not help the fire in the event of a fire hazard. Self-adhesive XPE foam insulation is ideal for campers and caravans to rebuild or insulate projects. Our products have passed AWTA test In thermal conductivity and fire performance. The aluminum foil on both sides forms an effective barrier against moisture, airflow and steam. Correct installation of XPE foam will help reduce noise pollution in the space. Very suitable for use in any structure. It is an economical solution for industrial, manufacturing and consumer applications.