Complete Set With Guide, Holder Plus “A” Jaws(0.80 to 1/4″ -20/28 taps) and “B” Jaws(1/4″ -20 to 1/2″ -13 taps). Base of guide has two 120° Vees, which accepts round parts TAP AND REAMER ALIGNER / HOLDER • Hold tap and reamer true, preventing breakage. • Hardened and replaceable jaws. • Set consists of tapping guide, tap holder and jaw A for capacity 1/4” / M8 Tap and Jaw B for capacity 1/4” - 1/2” / M6 - M12 Tap. • 85% Tap breakage eliminated • Holds tool true-perfect alignment. • Center drill or stem for floating center. Item Code No.Description ABM-IMT-6025Complete Set ABM-IMT-6026Set of Replacement Jaws (A + B)

Machine tools - metal machining
  • hand wrenches
  • Threading tools
  • Self Aligning Tap & Reamer Holder Manufacturer and Exporter India

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