Large cutting mats, also called XXL cutting mats are the large custom-made cutting mats we are able to deliver all over the world. It can be used for various purposes, including: industrial applications, flatbed applicators, to protect your tabletop, for cutting promotion materials, cutting different fabrics and more. CuttingmatsXXL is the official manufacturer of extra-large cutting mats and delivers too your doorstep. Our headquarter lies in Holland, this is where we ship our extra-large, self-healing cutting mats from. With us, you can rest assured: our products are always the best quality available. Resistant to most chemical liquids, we make sure our product is free of phthalate plasticizers and considered completely self-healing. Moreover, the material protects your blade as well as the tabletop: don’t ruin your sharp knives or table anymore! Order your custom extra large cutting mat by adding your custom width and length.

Cutting, plastics - machinery
  • cutting mat
  • xxl cutting mat
  • self healing cutting mat

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