Self-aligning Pads With O-ring And Exchangeable Inserts

Self-aligning pads


Selfaligning pads are used to support and clamp unmachined and machined workpieces. In addition, they serve as stops, supports and thrust pads in fixtures and toolmaking. The ball can be removed from the housing by applying light pressure to the socket head screw. Ball secured against rotation. Advantages Highly costeffective as inserts can be exchanged. The builtin Oring holds the ball in place and keeps dirt and foreign particles out, ensuring uniform movement.

  • O-ring Exchangeable
  • Inserts O-ring
  • O-ring Aligning

Product features

Material Body carbon steel
Inserts Form C, F, M tool steel
Version Body tempered, black oxidised
Form C flattened steel insert, smooth
Form E flattened stainless steel insert, smooth
Form F gripper face
Form K flattened POM insert, smooth
Form M gripper face, with carbide serrations
Form O stainless steel insert diamond impregnated
Form P stainless steel insert with polyurethane surface

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