Self-aligning Pads With O-ring

Self-aligning pads


Selfaligning pads are used to support and clamp unmachined and machined workpieces. They also serve as stops, supports and thrust pads in fixtures and toolmaking. Ball secured against rotation. Form O The abrasive diamond surface is fused firmly to the ball. It is ideally suited to supporting smooth or slippery applications with a minimum of clamping pressure. This allows the diamond particles to get a firm grip on a very small area with minimum damage to the surface. The diamond surface offers excellent wear resistance. Form P The polyurethane surface is permanently vulcanised on the ball. It is abrasionresistant and does not discolour. Offers optimum protection against damage to delicate surfaces. The pearllike surface gives a firm grip and allows air to escape so as to prevent any suction effect between the contact surface and the selfaligning pads.

  • Pads O-ring
  • Aligning Carbon
  • Carbon Self

Product features

Material Body carbon steel
Ball Form C, F tool steel
Version Body tempered, black oxidised
Ball Form C, F hardened, black oxidised
Form C flattened steel ball, smooth
Form F flattened steel ball, with serrations
Form K POM ball, flattened, smooth
Form O stainless steel ball diamond impregnated
Form P stainless steel ball with polyurethane surface

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