Self-sufficient system of firefighting



AUPT GRIB is designed for fire extinguishing of electrical cabinets, electrical panels in residential and industrial premises. The device is made of modern ecological material and equipped with a magnetic holder. For installation, simply magnet the "Grib" to a metal surface inside your control cabinet. Inside the device there are macrocapsules are filled with a perfect extinguishing agent, the so-called "dry water". When heated, the capsule is destroyed, and the extinguishing composition extinguishes fires.

  • Fire protection equipment
  • Fire extinguishers
  • fire prevention systems for public buildings
  • automatic fire extinguishing systems

Product characteristics

Extinguishing volume
From 0,03 м3 up to 0.1 м3
Maximum supply voltage of electrical equipment
Up to 35 кW
Operating temperature
From -40°C up to +60°C
Response temperature
From +_120°C up to +150°C
Type of extinguishing agent
Macrocapsules are filled with "dry water"
Main advantages
No maintenance within up to 5 years
Main advantages
No current supply
Main advantages
Safe for human
Main advantages
Easy to install
Main advantages
Easy to remove from the surface
Main advantages
No damage to protected object if installed properly
Main advantages
Area of using of the device
Electrical panels and electrical cabinets in residential premises and in production
Warranty time
5 years


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