The Pad Printing and Packaging Unit for Semi-Finished Lenses is designed to identify, pad print, and package semi-finished lenses into boxes. The machine doesn’t require a manual positioning by the operator, but rather utilize the PPOS system to detect the micro-engravings or segment line and identify the lens by reading the identification code. The inspected lenses are pad printed and then packaged into boxes with or without plastic cup (one possibility per machine). The basic machine is designed with four box magazines and one cliche plate with options for up to five extra cliche plates, permitting a large flexibility in image choice. A pad cleaning system is provided to ensure perfect markings by removing unwanted ink residues prior to each lens printing. A proficient operator can achieve a throughput of 300 lenses per hour. 1 operator Easy to set up for a new product Very fast calibration after cliche change High capacity High accuracy Complete analysis of engravings No «mispack»

Product features

Diameter 70 to 85 mm (depending on box size)
Convex base 0 to 10D
Centre thickness 7 to 15mm
Edge thickness 4 to 25mm
Maximum height 30mm (depending on the box size)
Pad printing accuracy concentricity
concentricity 0.5mm
parralelism 0.5°
Square 82x82mm
Height 15 to 32mm
Width 64mm
(1 dimension to be defined) 300 lenses/hour without batch change
300 lenses/hour without batch change Single vision check (thicknes measurement, diameter and convex curvature check)
Single vision check (thicknes measurement, diameter and convex curvature check) Additionla ink units (maximum 5)
Additionla ink units (maximum 5) Pad cleaning system
Pad cleaning system Cosmetic inspection black box
Cosmetic inspection black box Exit conveyor for bulk pack
Exit conveyor for bulk pack Laser engraving (Excimer)
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