This Bag-in-Box Filler is especially for filling spout bags with a wide range of liquids like drinking water, wine, syrup, edible oil, milk, and beverage. It requires a person feed bags onto the clamping head one by one and take them off when they are filled. Decapping, filling and capping are done automatically by the machine itself. The filler can use various spigots including Vitop and Scholle's. It is designed with CIP (Clean-in-Place) function and a circuit for connecting to a CIP system. All the fluid-contact parts are made of grade 316L stainless steel and the frame made of 304 stainless steel. Specifications: Applicable bags: 1-inch-spout prepared bags, 1-25 litres (Spout is called Gland or Flange too.) Capacity: 220 bags/hour for 10L (at 3.5 tons/hour feed flow rate) Filling accuracy: 0.5% more or less Power: single-phase 220V/110V or customized, 0.5KW Compressed air: 6-8 bar Weight: 300 kgs

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