Semi-automatic filling system FSL-ECO S

Filling systems


Filling system FSL-ECO S is the optimal entry level model for small companies who want to fill high-quality, uncritical and non-flammable liquids. With automatic filling as accurate as 1 gram this practical system lets you save time and money. FSL-ECO S offers particular advantages for companies where filling of liquid products is a firm part but not the main task in their production process. This system is the first step from manual to automatic filling. The semi-automatic system safely and reliably fills all common containers such as canisters, pails, drums or IBCs. Products are handled manually and the automatic filling provides to-the-gram results. You avoid over or underfilling and save valuable time.

Bottling and filling - machinery and equipment
  • Semi-automatic filling system
  • non-flammable liquids
  • construction materials

Product features

Terminal iS30
Container Canister Pail Drum IBC
Filling process Above-surface

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