Semi-submersible Pumps With Magnetic Couplings



Vertical semi-submersible pumps are designed to solve the problem of pumping liquid out of a tank when a part of the pump is within the pumped medium. Pump units are used with the engine speed up to 3,000 rpm. Therefore, the temperature conditions for semi-submersible pumping units are up to 250 degrees. Centrifugal semi-submersible pumps are widely used both in petroleum refining (petroleum and drainage pumps) and the chemical industry, and in the food industry. They are used for transit of various liquids and mixtures including explosive and flammable fluids (oil and gas products, etc.). Semi-submersible pumps are in between surface and submersible units and combine all their advantages, nevertheless, a semi-submersible pump is not designed to carry out specialized tasks for which these two types of units were created. Semi-submersible pumps consist of an electric motor, a working section and immersed sections. The engine is placed on a base plate

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