Semi-synthetic motor oil for two-stroke road machinery

Engine oil Forsage Moto 2T


Forsage Moto 2T - semi-synthetic motor oil for two-stroke road machinery. SCOOTER Moto 2T intended for two-stroke engines of air-cooled road machinery such as modern motorcycles, motorbikes, scooters, snowmobiles and other two-stroke machinery. Used as a component in oil-fuel blend in a ratio recommended by machines manufacturer. Standard injection 1:50. FEATURES Forsage Moto 2T has the following features: Provides best lubricating, anti-wear, anticorrosion and detergent properties incl. extreme loads Has optimal quality level for two-stroke engines of modern machinery The possibility of application in separate lubricating systems for two-stroke engines Contains active additives package of new generation, providing increased engine cleanliness Good fuel-miscible even at low temperatures STANDARDS/APPROVALS FORSAGE SCOOTER synt 2T comply with API TC, JASO FB grade.

Lubricants, industrial
  • 2 Stroke motor oil
  • lubricating oil
  • 2T engine lubricant

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