The semi-underground waste & recycle containers are in full accordance with the requirements of the EN 13071 series of standards and are suitable for receiving household and commercial waste, as well as recyclable materials. It is fully resistant to severe and abrupt temperature changes as well as to chemical reactions. The semi-underground waste & recycle collection system comprises of three main parts: A) The external bin, the greater part of which is embedded into the ground, with multiple options regarding the coating of the over ground part. B) The internal bin, made of high durability polyester and designed so as to endure a large volume of waste on a daily basis. The bin is emptied by opening its bottom into the funnel of the collection vehicle, by simply pulling a rope. C) The external lid, specially designed to prevent the entry of rain water, insects and rodents, with numerous colour options.

Dustbins, waste bins
  • Waste bins
  • refuse containers
  • Semi-underground waste bins

Product features

Semi-underground waste & recycle containers capacity of 2,2m3
manufactured from POLYESTER (FIBERGLASS) manufactured using rotational moulding
certified in accordance with the EN 13071 the bin features metal ribs

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