The Wireless Sensor Gateway has been developed specifically for industrial 4-20mA sensors and by using energy-saving components excellent energy efficiency was achieved. It has thanks to its optimized hardware and software a particularly long battery life and also enables a solar operation. Measure and monitor via the galvanic isolated electrically input for sensors everything you need for your IoT applications. Wireless Sensor Gateway has an additional 12V battery connector to also be able to supply the industrial sensor with voltage. Data can be sent by SMS or GPRS to a device of your choice or to a cloud. It uses a dual-band GPRS modem. The Wireless Sensor Gateway can reach up to 6 months continuous operation on battery power with a 1.35AH battery under optimum working conditions. The Wireless Sensor Gateway switches to sleep mode after sending data which is controlled by a Microchip PIC. The data are sent at preset intervals via HTTP or SMS. The Wireless Sensor Gateway can be...

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