The B+B measuring transducer module Pt1000 with voltage output 0-10V, is an accurate reliable digital measuring transducer in a miniaturised PCB design with modern ASIC technology - digitally calibrated for connecting Pt1000 sensors.

Product features

Name Measuring transducer module with customer-specific calibration
Temperature measuring range Selectable between -200...+650 °C
Sensor Platinum sensor Pt1000 , resistance characteristic DIN/IEC 60751
Measuring current <300 µA
Accuracy <0.5%
Output signal 0...10 V, 3-wire
Operating voltage 10...30 V DC
Overvoltage protection Varistor and RC-filter
Permissible load Ra[Ω]≤(Uv[V]-10V) / 0,02 A (only in case of 4…20 mA)
Application temperature -20...+80 °C
Connection Solder termination
Dimensions (LxWxH) 27 x 15 x 5 mm
Scope of delivery Our Pt1000 sensors are not included in scope of delivery, please order separately.
Weight 0.0032 kg

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