The Series LX-Valve is a miniature latching pneumatic solenoid valve measuring only 8 mm in width. The compact size, light weight, and power saving latching feature of the Series LX-Valve is the ideal solution for portable/battery powered applications. The body construction of the Series LX-Valve is suited for manifold or barbed-tube pneumatic connections and is available in a 2 way configuration. Typical applications include portable medical equipment, environmental monitoring as well as air and oxygen delivery. Downloads PDF datasheet: LX-Valve solenoid valve Technical specifications Valve type Type Ports Function Latching solenoid valves 2-way Universal Media Non-reactive gases Supply voltage 3, 5, 12 or 24 V Operating pressure 6 or 15 psi Orifice sizes / equivalent Cv 0.045 inch / 0.028 Cv Size (approx., L x W x H) 24 x 8 x 13 mm For price and delivery information or any other question please contact First Sensor.

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