Sepsis Blood Filtration Adsorber

Blood Management


Customized designs to capture lethal endotoxins The ALTECO ® LPS Adsorber is a unique medical device for extracorporeal removal of endotoxins during hemoperfusion that uses a synthetic peptide to selectively and irreversibly bind several times the endotoxin load found in patients with severe sepsis. In partnership with Alteco, Porex designed the porous matrix to provide an optimal binding surface for the peptide coating. Customizable for many blood filtration solutions, POREX ® porous media: Can be customized to your design specifications – Customized two- and three-dimensional porous matrix shapes can be developed for precise filtering and flow requirements. Can be functionalized – Proprietary binders and other media can be incorporated into the porous matrix to functionalize the filtering and binding capabilities. Delivers high-quality and consistent reliability– Medical device manufacturers around the world rely on our customized medical device components, which provide...

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