s with the MS-PV-AG model, the products are fed manually by the operator. Product carriers and adjustable guide rails ensure a stable product transport. As soon as the thermal inkjet printer has printed the serialisation data, the integrated vision system checks that the data is correct. If an error is detected (e.g. insufficient grading), the product is removed from the process and fed to a lockable collection box. It is not taken into account during the formation of the aggregation pedigree and is ejected and marked in the shift register as soon as the error is detected. As soon as the filling quantity per carton is reached according to the specified packing scheme, the system automatically generates a serialized label for the shipping carton. It is applied manually by the operator and confirmed by a handheld scanner that the aggregation label has been applied.

Chemicals and pharmaceuticals - packaging machinery
  • aggregation
  • serialization
  • track and trace

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