Meters of the Flowal® series are based on a robust concept with simplicity and can be adapted to a wide field of applications. The innovative design is the result of merging long years experience with the latest technologies. The OF series are compact oval wheel meters with connection flanges DIN or ANSI and directly mounted compact multifunctional electronics MFE. An optional temperature sensor allows the compensation of volumetric expansion caused by temperature changes. The MFE-3 electronics offers the option to enter a density value and calculates mass. The display and the analog output are directly related to mass units. Accurate, reliable and economical measurement of flowrate, volume and mass – Bopp & Reuther Flowal® - OF with multifunctional electronics MFE (8-digit LCD / actual flowrate and totalizer). OF-MFE-1: battery-powered OF-MFE-2: battery-powered with pulse output OF-MFE-3: pulse output, current output 4-20 mA, PT 1000 input, memory for density and correction...


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