The control of the quantities of industrial liquids is an economic necessity considering the high value of these products. The volume measuring instruments required for this must be adjusted to the particular operating conditions and the characteristics of the materials to be measured both with respect to design and the materials used for these instruments. Oval Wheel Meters of the OI series meet all of these requirements. They are used for the measurement of liquid intermediate and finished products such as liquefied gases, acids, alkaline solutions, fats, alcohols, solvents, dispersions, polymers, polycondensates, paints, colours and adhesives etc. Special emphasis should be placed on the capability to measure liquids with very high viscosities (up to 1.000.000 mPa ·s) but with low pressure loss. The OI series of oval wheel meters assures a high degree of quality fort he products being manufactured due to the high measuring accuracy of the flow meters. Technical specification...


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