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Service “Pre-trial Practice” - Service “Pre-trial Practice”


The platform calculates debt, penalties, informs the debtor about the first debt generated via the voice-robot, sms, if the debtor didn’t answer the voice call, e-mail, messengers. Having adjusted once at the beginning of operation, the platform implements this process automatically. If the debtor refuses to pay the debt, the system transfers him/her automatically to the pre-trial practice unit for documents preparation and submission to the court.

Product information

Minimizes costs from 40 % to 90 %
Operation speed: 45 times faster than the competitors
Debt reduction due to the process automation by 34%
Complete processes automation
Application of artificial intellect, neuron network and for power dialing and paperwork
Simplified operation process
Reporting automated system
Debt automated estimation
Penalty automated calculation
Operation with all types of indebtness