Service unit 2-part Standard , Metal container, Size 4, G 1

Service unit, 2-piece with metal bowl and metal (zinc-glass-NBR) sight dome


Article number: 101063 Type number: 866 M EAN code: 4047322121897 Service unit 2-part Standard , Metal container, metal drip cap, Size 4, G 1, Input pressure max. 25 bar, Control range 0.5-16 bar. Two-piece service units consisting of a reversible diaphragm pressure regulator, independent of inlet pressure, with self-relieving design, combined with a centrifugal separator and a proportional lubricator.

Product features

Packaging Unit 1
Quantity min 1
Bowl Metal container
Condensate drain Manuel
DN 25
Filter rating 40 m
Flow rate 4000 l/min
Flow rate measurement At P1 = 8 bar, P2 = 6 bar and pressure drop ?p = 1 bar
Housing Die-cast zinc / aluminium, painted silver
Max. ambient temperature 60 C
Max. control range 16 bar
Max. input pressure 25 bar
Max. medium temperature 60 C
Min. control range 0.5 bar
Page No. HK089
Pressure gauge display max. 25 bar
Pressure gauge display min. 0 bar
Pressure gauge 63 mm
Sealant NBR
Series Standard
Sight dome Zinc-glass-NBR
Size 4
Thread G 1

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