Technical consulting for application companies The INSULATION AND FLOORING STUDIO is oriented on professional technical support in the area of membrane damp-proofing of substructures, flat and sloped roofs, balconies, terraces, water-proofing of pools and small ponds, and also in technical support in the area of application floorings made by Fatra, a.s. Technical aid is provided not only to professional public, i.e. application and building companies, project designers and architects, but also to end users, investors, and their technical representatives. Specifications The centre of the INSULATION AND FLOORING STUDIO’S operation is formed by: Preparation, administration and updating of “Structural and technological regulations” of damp-proofing systems and flooring, creation of type details. Providing professional training to implementation companies. Providing chief-assembly for significant, complex, and atypical projects or as a help for start-up companies. Material laying...

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