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Servo Linear Actuator - Servo Actuator for Solar Thermal Project - High Precision Linear Actuator


SLA500 is new design for solar thermal tower power station and high concentrated PV. To meet the mirror panel drive performance, such as the rigidity, position precision, the inside limit switch is develop by POWER JACK MOTION in patent. It can help customer adjust the angle following customer’s solar tracker. All metal structure design can meet the harshest environments. Details Data: Motor Voltage: 24V DC (stepper motor) Max Load: 5500 N Max Static Load: 10000N Max Overturning Moment: TK more than 5N.M Axial Rigidity: 2000N Standard Stroke: From 100mm to 1000mm Speed Range: 1.2mm/s Transmission Precision: less than 0.35mm Reset Precision: less than 0.2mm Transmission Efficiency: More than 60% (ball screw type) Corrosion Protection: Salt spray test more than 480 hours Protection Class: IP65 Mechanical Life: More than 20 years Sensor Type: Hall Sensor