Ingredients: 100% sesame seeds. Preparation: Stir the sesame paste before eating good since to separate in the container of the solid slurry and the oil. The sesame paste in a bowl, only release the water and the lemon juice in a thin stream and constantly stir. First, the sauce is often somewhat thick, but it is always creamy and white. Need and desire it, by adding yogurt or whipped cream and spices or herbs are seasoned and refined. Serving suggestions: Sesame sauce is almost any dish from 1001 nights ideal. The sauce can be used as a dressing for salads, as a dip for Falafel, as a sauce for wheat groats salad or for preparation of chickpea paste, through the addition of grape syrup quantities as bread spread. Note: May contain traces of gluten, mustard seeds, soy and celery. Manufactured processed in an operation of sesame. Product may are stored unopened at room temperature, otherwise open after cooling store and dry.


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