A compacted and dust-free end product can be further treated more cost-effectively - this is also the case with sewage sludge. Sewage sludge pellets are mainly used for thermal recovery. Pelleted sewage sludge is increasingly being demanded in tenders as the transport of a compacted, dust-free product, for example, is much more economical and safer. For pelleting the pre-treated sewage sludge, a solids content of 70 to 95 % is required. This content is achieved by means of dehydration and subsequent drying (or a combination of both). The pre-treatment of the sewage sludge in a digestion tower has a positive effect on the capacity of the pelleting press as well as the wear of the pan grinder rollers and die. For example, at a solids content of 70 % less solid pellets are produced than at 90 %. The percentage required depends on the use of the sewage sludge. The bulk density of the sewage sludge pellets is approx. 800 kg/m³. Design: In case of a high percentage of organic...

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