Sewer cleaning hoses

GrüloJet 200


Short description: PU sewer cleaning hose, 200 bar New in our product range is the thermoplastic sewer cleaning hose GrüloJet 200 with its pressure carrier, consisting of double-braided highly tearproof synthetic fibres and an extremely abrasion- and cut resistant polyurethane cover. With its working pressure of 200 bar the GrüloJet 200 is eminently suitable for use on sewer cleaning vehicles. Due to its extremely smooth thermoplastic lining the GrüloJet 200 shows an inferior pressure drop than customary rubber sewer cleaning hoses. Furthermore the lower weight gives you the possibility to increase your vehicle payload. All hoses are assembled with BSP female/male and ferrules. Delivery takes place with test certificate on each assembled hose.

Product features

Temperature range: -40 °C to +55 °C
Standard length: 120 m, 160 m, 180 m, 200 m, 240 m
Availability: DN 25 up to 350 m, DN 32 up to 250 m, NW 38 up to 200 m
Colour: Light green
Cover: Polyurethane, cut- and abrasion resistant
Reinforcement: Highly tear-resistant synthetic fibres
Lining: Thermoplastic elastomer
Marking: [Ellipse G+L] GrüloJet 200 [Ellipse G+L] DN [..] I WP [...] bar I BP [...] bar

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