Ceramic magnets are both powerful and permanent in nature, and are therefore capable of lifting and suspending objects many times their own weight. These Shallow Pot Magnets are designed for use in tight spaces and have been pre-drilled for fastening rods or bolts. Their heavy lifting capacities make them a great choice for use in industrial or professional settings. • Permanent, powerful magnets to hold, lift and attract metal parts. • Shallow depth permits use in confined spaces. • Threaded center hole for fastening with machine screw. • Large sizes have 3/8” clearance holes for fastening with rods or bolts. Item Code No.Dia. InchDia. MmHeight InchHeight mmApprox Pull LbsApprox Pull Kg. ABM-IMT-5470ABM-IMT-5470355/168125.5 ABM-IMT-5471ABM-IMT-547144.41/46.35199 ABM-IMT-5472ABM-IMT-547250.83/89.52210 ABM-IMT-5473ABM-IMT-5473707/1611.13315 ABM-IMT-5474ABM-IMT-5474801/212.75525

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  • Shallow Ceramic Pot Magnets Manufacturer and Exporter India

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